Czeglédi Péter Református Gimnázium
„Töviseken át a rózsákhoz”


Familiarizing of Languages, Cultural Knowledge and Literatures of Oral
The second evaluation of the project work
A summary of the questionnaires completed by each partner


Coordinator: Kadinhani Ata Icil Lisesi, Konya, Turkey
Partners: Ist. Istr. Sup. Caterina Percoto, Udine - UD, Italy
  Ratsgymnasium Peine, Peine, Germany
  II Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im.St Wyspianskiego, Tychy, Poland
  Gymnázium Pétera Czeglédiho Reformovanej kresťanskej cirkvi s vyučovacím jazykom maďarským - Czeglédi Péter Református Gimnázium, Levice, Slovakia


Please rate the project work on the following items: (Put a number 1-5 for each item: 1 - very poor, 2 - poor, 3 - fair, 4 - good, 5 - very good)

a. Impact on communication skills in the mother tongue: 3,4
b. Impact on communication skills in English: 4,5
c. Impact on digital competence: 3,8
d. Impact on learning new information on other countries: 4,8
e. Impact on the competence of learning to learn: 3,8
f. Impact on cultural awareness: 4,8
g. Effectiveness of the use of the project website (etwinning): 2,4
h. Effectiveness of communication between the partners: 5
i. Satisfaction with the organized meetings: 5
j. Overall rating of the project work so far: 4,9

What part of the project work did you like most?

  • learning new languages
  • the hospitality of the partner schools
  • meeting nice people from different countries
  • the visiting of the places connected with the culture of the specific country
  • interesting social activities organized for both students and teachers
  • students and teachers singing and dancing together in Poland
  • the flags contest in Slovakia
  • the presentation of the national games in Slovakia


Any additional comments:

  • During the project the partner schools did their best to keep to the calendar of events. However, some additional activities were added (e.g. mini-guides providing information on the planned activities and events during the project meetings, social activities to get to know the other partners better, a magazine called ‘Comenius News‘ issued by the Polish school, a flags contest organized by the Slovakian school, a dictionary of basic expressions made by the German school with the help of all the partners).
  • Each project meeting was very well organized.
  • Long-lasting friendships have been formed.
  • The partners did not always get enough information about the sights that were visited (e.g. in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia).
  • It was very useful that each partner presented their school, hometown and country during the meetings. Thus, the partners had a chance of learning some information about other cultures (history, traditions, the school system, cuisine, the way of living, etc.).